By Nadja Popovich.

So you're interested in how I got these quotes? Here's a quick rundown:

For the first three sentences: I set up a Google Alert for news stories that contain the phrase "millennials are." It's been collecting articles since mid-to-late February and recording them to a spreadsheet. As you might imagine, a lot of content came back, so I manually culled the list, picking out the best and removing more spammy pieces.

For the last sentence: I initially set up a second Google Alert for the phrase: "millennials want" to procure content for this last sentence, but that didn't yield as many good quotes as I would have hoped. So, instead, I decided to go back a comb through some of the grand oeuvres of the writing-about-millennails genre (a lot are from The New York Times) to search for any sentences containing the word "millennial" that did not follow the standard "millennials are" format. All the quotes included are from recent articles, so 2013-14. (I also peppered a few extra "millennials are" sentences from this found content into the previous batch.)

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